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Published by the Accounting departement of Sutaatmadja Economic College. Published twice a year (March and September). First published in March 2017, with the aim of: 1) Becoming a trusted publication media in spreading accounting knowledge. 2) Become a media of thought documentation based on accounting science. 3) Become a media that will support the scientific development of accounting practices. Each publication consists of at least 5 article titles related to the accounting family consisting of: financial and capital market accounting, management and behavioral accounting, public sector accounting, sharia accounting, auditing, accounting information systems, and taxation. Each article title consists of at least 10-25 pages in accordance with the specified writing requirements. The editorial staff accepts manuscripts related to the accounting families mentioned. Each article that is entered will be reviewed by reviewers without mentioning the author's identity.

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Accruals Edisi September 2019


Accruals diterbitkan oleh prodi Akuntansi STIE Sutaatmadja Subang. Terbit dua kali dalam setahun (Maret dan September) sejak tahun 2017.
Fokus jurnal Acrruals :
- akuntansi keuangan dan pasar modal
- akuntansi manajemen dan keperilakuan
- akuntansi sektor publik
- akuntansi syariah
- pengauditan
- sistem informasi akuntansi dan
- perpajakan
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